About us

CADChain is a deep tech startup, with a focus on emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine learning, R&D, education, and intellectual property.
What we do?
We are developing IP management software for CAD data. We have one product in beta, Boris for Inventor, a second product in alpha for open-source software Blender, BlendedBoris, and a proposition for 3D printing in stealth mode.
Our team
We have a female CEO and a professionally diverse team with a gender balance.
Violetta Shishkina
CEO & Co-Founder
Violetta is a linguist with an MBA, 4 other Higher Education degrees, several blockchain and AI certifications, which allows her to come up with multidisciplinary and creative solutions. Violetta has been with the startup since its inception and has been supporting every aspect of its development. Now she is responsible for R&D, PR and business development.

As a female founder, she is on a mission to inspire, and hire a diverse team that works hand-in-hand with sustainable development goals. She is the initiator of the non-profit initiative (startup game for women) called Fe/male Switch that is part of our CSR.
Dirk-Jan Bonenkamp
CLO & Co-Founder
Dirk-Jan is responsible for the legal framework that CADChain solutions need. He comes from a technical family as his father was an inventor. He bridges the gap between the law and the use of emerging technology, which is why he has immersed himself in blockchain technology and IP law with respect to manufacturing and CAD data.

His previous experience as a politician proves to be beneficial when it comes to connecting with the public sector. His experience as an entrepreneur allows him to come up with cost-efficient solutions that fit the needs of startups and SMEs. Dirk-Jan also acts as our Data Privacy Officer.
Timo Wolthof
Timo manages operations and research. 
His strategic and operational experience in previous startups is valuable and he brings a vast knowledge of distributed ledger technologies. He became part of the blockchain sector in 2016. He is also the lead for grants and development.
Evgeny Malyshev
Evgeny is CAD Developer with a background in both Mechanical Engineering and IT. He has been working for a research institution for many years. Evgeny is passionate about innovation and has an outside-the-box thinking approach. He has been instrumental in the feasibility study by helping us bring together CAD and blockchain.
Maria Vysotenko
System Analyst
Maria specializes in analyzing, designing, and implementing information systems. Using analysis and design techniques to solve business problems via information technology is not an easy task. Her experiences as a press secretary help her to find the right approach in organizing communication among people and extracting necessary information out of them. She holds a bachelor’s degree in philology and speaks three languages, intensifying the intercultural level of our team.
Alexandra Radova
Alexandra has a master’s degree in linguistics and intercultural communication with 15 years of experience in the international business environment and a background in media relations. She has a passion for communication and knows everything about its latest trends and developments. 

Alexandra is responsible for our marketing strategy and communication. Her everyday goal is to increase technology awareness among potential customers and grow our followers’ community.
Claudio Cocorocchia
Senior Advisor
Claudio brings close to two decades of digital business model strategy and go-to-market experience, more recently responsible for the World Intellectual Property Organization’s new digital services strategy, including the launch of WIPO’s first IP services in almost 20 years.
Anastasia Bolshakova
PA & Community Manager
Anastasia has a bachelor's in linguistics and very enthusiastic. She is responsible for being the community creator and CEO`s personal assistant. Anastasia speaks 3 languages and passionate about IT, Data Analysis, AI, and machine learning. She loves writing, reading, researching and traveling.
Racha Khalil
Legal assistant
Racha is responsible for helping with legal issues, doing research and analytics. Her core professional interest in working in CADChain is in its international character with preventive law which, in her opinion, offers a refreshing view into the world of law.§
Andrey Korobeynikov
Backend Developer
Andrey Korobeynikov is in the position of a backend developer. His work is focused on Nodejs backend development, but he also specializes in the automation of control and information processing systems. Andy knows everything about NodeJS, Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes. MySQL, Mongo.
Our history
A startup idea was born out of a problem that exists in the engineering industry: there’s no industry standard for CAD data protection and sharing.

Creating a globally accepted multi-layered solution that would address the lack of data protection and a reliable method of data sharing became the premise that needed to be explored.

At the end of 2018, after validating the idea at EOSIO hackathon in Hong Kong, CADChain founders were invited into a Dutch incubator.
In January CADChain was officially incorporated in the Netherlands, where it is currently headquartered.

After the validation of the business case by the Dutch Ministry of Economics, CADChain was awarded several grants to do feasibility studies, an R&D project with two other companies, and a Proof of Concept financing. Currently, we are spending more than 80% of the budget on R&D, and are qualified in the Netherlands as an innovative startup.
CADChain participated in several incubators, joined Partners for International Business Programme, Blockchain solutions Netherlands-Singapore, and been awarded the Block.IS grant from the EU's Horizon 2020 program. CADChain applied for funding from the Dutch government for an early phase subsidy and was successfully granted this VFF financing with a unanimous decision by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).
CADChain grew to 25 people, including engineers, developers, marketers, and designers. We were accepted into the DMS Accelerator among 30 other early-stage startups chosen out of 250 applicants and were among the 10 best finalists.

In November, we launched an MVP public beta of our blockchain solution BORIS for Inventor, a plugin for Autodesk Inventor that creates digital twins of CAD files and allows users to maintain full control over shared CAD files.

Over the time we have been engaged in several projects. CADChain is creating a B2B SaaS for European engineering SMEs that addresses the issue of safe storage and exchange of digital assets while preserving the IP. This solves the issue of trade secrets protection in the creator economy, prevents counterfeit products, and facilitates technical developments.

We are also in the middle of a two-year R&D project with two partners in the field of certified additive manufacturing.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
As part of our CSR, CADChain established Fe/male Switch, a non-profit with a focus on bringing more women into STEM. We started it during the pandemic and bootstrapped it until it received initial funding.
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