Secure the IP of your CAD with BORIS
SolidWorks is one of the most widely used solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) programs globally. Every product in the world begins its life as a digital file created in this kind of software.

For a design to become a product, CAD files must be shared with partners, customers, freelancers, and manufacturers. But even if you follow the strictest security protocols when exchanging information, there is no guarantee that your partners do the same.

Here comes a risk that your valuable designs might be copied and your intellectual property misappropriated.

The solution is here!

We are developing BORIS, an innovative legal tech blockchain-driven solution that will ensure technical and legal protection of your CAD files.

BORIS is an easy-to-use plugin installed on top of SolidWorks that enables full control over your CAD files via CADPlug and CADTrack interfaces.

How It Works
CADPlug component
Focuses on the actual IP protection of the file, like registration of your CAD files on blockchain.
CADTrack management interface
Via CADTrack you can generate and manage blockchain certificates that prove your ownership over CAD files even decades after the creation. Should a dispute arise, it will serve as proof of creation and ownership.

The legal component of BORIS takes care of automated licensing, and NDA signing, and handles any restrictions the owner wants to enforce.

What you get when BORIS accompanies
your CAD files

Proof of Creatorship/Ownership
Immutable trustful lifetime records on blockchain of the date of creation, creator, owner, unique geometric properties of the model (geometric twin of CAD file)
Education on Intellectual Property
for Employee
Your employees become aware that the CAD files are the employer's property and must be handled accordingly.
Registered history of CAD file’s versions and who were the editors to ensure your collaborators receive the right version
Enhance your company's credibility with verifiable ownership certificates presenting your CAD works
Clear Liability of the Parties
Transfer ownership over CAD files when dealing with third parties to solve possible liability issues
Legal Protection
Solid evidence of ownership and creatorship and the registered record of other parties having access to the CAD file
Time & Cost Saving
Save time in contractual negotiations and reduce the costs of the required external legal expertise.
Tracking data
Employee productivity, the value of IP, time spent on average when working with CAD files.
Innovative Technology
Implementation of blockchain technology (Industry 4.0) in your company ensures sustainable development and positive branding.
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