Boris for CLO3D

Cloud platform which means that anyone can get access to it, with malicious actors stealing your files if you are not careful enough

CLO3D offers its users true-to-life 3D garment simulation, making it possible to review changes in 2D and 3D. Naturally, this kind of design also involves CAD files, which require the manufacturer to turn a blueprint into a product.

Sending your file to the wrong party can have devastating consequences for your business and result in malicious actors selling counterfeit of your garment design.

The solution is here!
Our breakthrough solution called BORIS takes care of your files so you can protect and manage your IP efficiently.

BORIS, a blockchain-based plugin, can help you take control over your creations and stay in the comfort of a familiar environment.
Identity Verification
Identity Verification to assure the identity of entities and individuals you are sharing data with guaranteeing that anyone reviewing your file has been verified, even if that person is an external collaborator.
Encryption, Security & Tracking
From within the software, 3d models are protected by state-of-the-art encryption and tracked when shared through our plugin. Since this happens within the CLO3D software, it is easy and fast, giving no extra work to the user.
Legal Failsafe
Our legal component will ensure an enforceable contract (NDA and licensing agreement) for every shared file and will protect you even against malicious users.
How It Works
Our end-to-end protection uses a plugin and a data management interface to secure the CAD model.
This array of services and smart contracts communicates through a Blockchain protocol to store data and create the geometric twins from the CAD file.
The plugin handles user identification and everything related to files being used in the CAD software.
The management interface allows tracking useful actions. Directly from within the plugin, the user can access the management interface.
Both plugin and management interface only provide access to a CAD file when the user is authenticated.
5 minutes for installation, and the plugin is integrated into CLO3D so you can work as you’ve got used to.
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