The Importance of CAD

Every person in the world has had their life improved by Computer Aided Design (CAD).
A quote from Jon Hirschtick, CEO of Solidworks

Basically, almost every manufactured product, or the machine that made it, has a part of it designed in CAD.

Not only were the models creating within CAD, but that digital model was also used as a reference when designing the artwork. This way a perfect synergy between visual design and product design can be created.

Project by NPKDesign, one of the companies we interviewed for validating the problem. 

VanMoof, a dutch brand that makes iconic electrical bicycles also used CAD to design their parts and the look of the bikes. Showing that this technology is even used in day-to-day devices and utilities. VanMoof designs parts, requirements and calculates weights within the CAD software, all to design the perfect bike that will make you want to leave your car at home.