Our Solution's Components

Our software focuses on improving the safe storage and exchange of industrial design data, by providing end-to-end security with access restrictions, permissions, insights, tracking and a customized contract solution. Read more on how we actually do this and what our unique solutions can do for you.

Our end-to-end protection uses a plugin and a data management interface to secure the CAD model. This array of services and smart contracts communicates through a Blockchain protocol to store data and create the digital twins from the CAD file. CADPlug handles user identification and everything related to files being used in the CAD software.

CADTrack is the management interface that connects data to useful actions such as sharing, managing the legal contracts that can interact with the data and have dependancies, and giving or revoking permission.

Directly from within CADPlug, the user can access CADTrack. Both of these systems only provide access when the user is authenticated (e.g. correct credentials/system.) Since the system requires a due-diligence check it proves the user is authentic.

Our Unique Components


Verification to assure the identity of entities and individuals you are sharing data with. Also guaranteeing that anyone reviewing your file has been verified, even if that person is an external collaborator.

Encryption, Security and Tracking

From within the CAD software the files can be protected by state of the art encryption and tracked when shared through our plugin. Due to the fact that this happens within the CAD software, it is easy and fast, giving no extra work to the engineer.

Legal Failsafe

Our legal component will ensure an enforcable contract for every shared file and will protect you even against malicious users, but will be faster to sign and with less liabilities.