Protection of CAD Assets

We use a 3 layer system that uses 3 aspects: Legal, Technical, and Workflow Optimisations

1. Technically protect your designs/CAD data from unauthorized access

Meet CADPlug, a plugin that is added on top of CAD software and provides IP protection of a CAD asset right from within the software. 
Our end-to-end IP protection uses a plugin and a data management interface to secure the CAD model. An array of services and smart contracts communicates through a Blockchain protocol to store data and create the digital twins from the CAD file. CADPlug handles user identification and everything related to files being used in the CAD software.
From within the CAD software, the files can be protected by state-of-the-art encryption and tracked when shared through our plugin. Due to the fact that this happens within the CAD software, it is easy and fast, giving no extra work to the engineer.
Verification assures the identity of entities and individuals you are sharing data with. It is also guaranteeing that anyone reviewing your file has been verified, even if that person is an external collaborator.

Blockchain Technology is one of the core systems involved in our solution, it provides you with trust and tracking. Register your ownership and never lose this data.

2. Legally protect your designs, avoid a long legal contracting process and make it fast and reliable

Traditional contracting takes 3 to 6 months before you can share designs with your partner. Moreover, it is very expensive. And in the end, traditional contracts can’t cover everyone so you generally cannot control contracts the other party has with their collaborators, but they will be sharing your files/intellectual property with them!
Digital legal contracting is integrated into our CADPlug. Ricardian contracts (legal smart contracts that are both machine and human-readable) take care of licensing and contracting (signing of NDAs and other agreements) in an automated fashion. This digital contract creates multiple subcontracts to provide oversight for the owner. 
These contracts are digitally parsable, they can be read and have functions similar to software programs, like dependencies and variables. These contracts are connected to the actual data itself and they can verify agreements between other parties to adhere to previous agreements without disclosing actual contract content.
Our legal component will ensure an enforceable contract for every shared file and will protect you even against malicious users while being faster to sign and with fewer liabilities.

3. License your design data and monetize your Intellectual Property

Licensing of your design data is integrated into the CADPlug. This means you can sell the license for your design to a client for the duration of 1 year and be sure it will not be disclosed to any other party.
In this manner, our plugin allows for monetization of your IP assets via you getting a brokerage fee for selling the intellectual property to different customers. Not once, but an unlimited amount of times.